How I start my investment journey full details

How I start my investment journey in full detail. Everyone wants to know how can earn money without any loss if you want to know then read this full article because I am going to explain here all my journey in investment.

See guys I am not going to tell you what is an investment because of this fundamental thing here I am going to tell you which platform I am using for investment and in starting time how much money I invest and how I choose a specific profitable company for increasing my earning.

Which platform I am using for investment

At starting time I am also searching about investment, like my searches is on google where can I invest money, top 10 money investment platform, if I invest 100 rupees then how much I will get back. I found many articles on the internet I found some knowledge things like if you are from India then where you can invest your money easily Here Is the list for Indian people.

mainly I recommended this application.

  • Groww
  • Angel Broking
  • Upstox Pro App
  • 5paisa online trading app
  • Zerodha Kite

see guys I am not promoting this application but in my opinion and after some uses and doing some research I came to this point why this application is best. and another thing if you want to buy USA company stocks then what you need to do.

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My First investment on which platform

after watching some videos on youtube and reading some blogs on the internet many people suggest me use the GROWW application for investment or buy some mutual funds so I install groww application on my phone then please follow the below steps.

How I start my investment journey full details

Image from Groww
  1. Download the Groww App/Open the Groww website.
  2. Register with an email id and mobile number.
  3. Verify the mobile number by entering OTP received on the mobile number.
  4. Enter the PAN No. and confirm your identity.
  5. Enter your bank details like the IFSC code and account number.
  6. Verify the bank details.
  7. Click on Complete Setup under the Stocks tab.
  8. Read the details of applicable charges and tick to agree.
  9. Click on the Open Stocks account to Unlock Stocks investment option on Groww.
  10. Enter the details of your occupation, income, and names of your father and mother, and click on Next to complete the KYC process.
  11. Enter your trading experience from the list of values and click on Next
  12. Sign in dark ink on white paper, click the photo, and upload your signature.
  13. e-Sign the account opening form based on your Aadhar.
  14. Enter the OTP received on the linked mobile number.
  15. Read the instructions on the account opening form and click on Sign Now.
  16. Enter the Aadhar number on the NSDL E-sign service portal and click on Send OTP.
  17. Enter the OTP to complete the account opening process.
  18. The account gets activated in a few hours once the document verification gets completed at the broker end.

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At starting time how much money do I invest?

To my knowledge in childhood time, many older people tell me one thing if you are going to start a new thing take the low risk because if you failed then that risk does not impact your life I remember this line I always apply to my life and so I am applying on investment.

  • first, after registration on groww app, I start investing money just 500 rupees on one company I just wait 10 days after I took all money my growth is 653 rupees.
  • then I started using investment with extra money.

How do I find a specific profitable company for increasing my earning

At starting time I can’t find a proper way to increase my investment earnings then I do some research on my own like I follow many finance websites then I watched a lot of videos on youtube and find some uses full pages on Instagram, ok I am going to give you some useful website when you can read a daily article about investment and finance.

Finishing Up!!

Thanks for visiting my website TRYTOGRAB.COM if you have any queries about investment, stocks, the share market, and how you can buy stocks do comment see guys this full genuine blog I am just sharing here what I gain. Before investment please read the full term and conditions in all applications.

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