“Welcome to Wedding Hell” Teaser poster & release date for Kakao TV drama

This is a new Korean drama I am going to inform you all information about the Teaser poster and May 23, 2022 release date set for Kakao TV drama series “Welcome to Wedding Hell” starring Lee Jin-Wook & Lee Yeon-Hee. The drama series has Lee Jin-Wook and Lee Yeon-Hee playing an engaged couple preparing for life as a married couple. The caption on the poster states “We’re getting married!”

This drama “Welcome to Wedding Hell” is going to start streaming on Kakao TV on May 23, 2022, in South Korea.

Lee Jin Wook plays a marriage idealist and soon-to-be-groom, Seo Jun-Hyung. He is an optimistic man who is very smitten with his fiancée. Seo Joon-Hyung (Lee Jin-Wook) works for a large company. He is 30-years-old and single. His life goes smoothly, being happy and financially secure. His girlfriend is Kim Na-Eun (Lee Yeon-Hee).

She is in her 30’s. They have been in a romantic relationship for two years and they are about to marry. Kim Na-Eun is affectionate, bright, smart, and a realist. She also works for a large company.

 Lee Yeon Hee plays Kim Na Eun, a soon-to-be wife full of joy and affection. She has a harmonious relationship with her fiancé and got a decent job in a large company that everyone is envious of. A savvy realist, she thinks a rational choice is always the best.

While Seo Joon-Hyung and Kim Na-Eun prepare for their wedding and life as a married couple, they face many problems.

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